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  1. I’ve really liked the FotJ covers thus far. They’ve got a very different look from anything we’ve ever gotten out of Star Wars before, which is nice, and though they’ve become progressively darker as the series progressed, the early volumes had a nice pulp vibe that I feel meshes with the feel of the franchise quite nicely.

    This one leaves me cold though. The image of Luke or Ben or whoever that’s supposed to be works, I guess. (again, the covers have adopted overly dark color schemes) But the City Aflame thing looks really badly done. You can tell that they had their idea (and it wasn’t a bad idea) but they just don’t seem to have put any real effort into making it look good. Hopefully the flames are just placeholder and we’ll see a somewhat improved version by street date.

  2. I like it too. I’ve really enjoyed (most) of the FOTJ covers and I really like Luke on this one.

  3. @ Amaranthine & Briannakin
    I really don’t dislike it. I just think that it isn’t as polished as it could be.

    More than anything, I’d like to see a little more color out of it. What I really loved about the early FotJ covers (and Vortex too) is that they had definite, bright color pallets that stood out on the shelf without looking cartoony. They were a really nice change of pace after the whole Dark Sets & No Fill Lighting motif of the LotF covers, but as the series has progressed they’ve gravitated more and more on the blacks and reds, and it’s gotten to the point where it obscures the image just as badly as all of the shadows we got on the last series.

    I was sort of excited to find out that we were going to get Tahiri on the cover of Conviction, because she’s not the kind of character who shows up on covers, and I don’t think we’ve seen an image of her since the tail end of the NJO. The image is so dark though, that you can barely see her unless you’re holding the book in direct light. I just don’t really understand the rationale behind doing something like that, especially given what they were doing earlier in the series.

  4. So isn’t this supposed to be set around 40-45 years after Return of the Jedi? Why does Luke look younger than he did in that movie?

  5. @ Eric
    Yeah, I just noticed that. Looking at the other FOTJ books, he doesn’t look his age really on any of them, not like Han and Leia do and like he did on the cover of Inferno.
    It just extremely noticeable on this one because he does look so young.

    Are we getting a time travel book?!

  6. Is this not just Ben? I mean it kinda looks like Luke but is that not because its the ginger ninja instead?

    I think in general the cover is a bit too dark like Doyle says. In general it seems like someone discovered a new PS effect and went mental with it. I always find that a more subtle approach works best for image manipulation.

  7. Eric and Brian, I think I remember reading somewhere that there are legal problems with using “older” (i.e. correct age) photo references of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, etc. So in addition to the obvious appeal of using vintage images (to appeal to new readers who know the movies, but not the books), the covers probably only use their likeness from the OT for that reason.

  8. I dunno, Stooge. Han is looking pretty craggy on the cover of Vortex. It’s possible that it’s wholly manipulated, but if it is they did a really good job of making him look like several of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull publicity photos.

  9. Doyle, I genuinely wonder whether the fact that Ford was in KotCS gave Lucasfilm legal rights to his “current” look, whereas Hamill and Fisher are stuck in the past, so to speak.

    Just a theory. I’m not a lawyer.

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