Cooking for Geeks

Because I can’t stop laughing, I must share this description I found of Alton Brown:

I first became aware of Good Eats a few years ago when I was clicking through the channels and came upon his show. The only reason I paused to watch it was because I thought Alton Brown looked like Luke Skywalker. And honestly, who wouldn’t watch a cooking show by Luke Skywalker? Except maybe those damn Sand People.

Many more valid reasons to watch Good Eats at TVgasm.

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  1. Okay, this is really weird because I just commented to Mitch earlier this week that I thought Alton looks quite a bit like Mark Hamill from certain angles… it really became apparent in the episode “Gravy Confidential” when he’d been submerged in water and his hair was wet and straight (that’s what finally sparked my realization of the similarities).

  2. I’d never thought about it, but now that you mention it….wow.

    Also in that vein, a May the Food Be With You t-shirt is available from his website. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. :)

  3. Given how good a sense of humor he’s had about the mentions he gets in “Dork Tower” (and how geeked out John Kovalic was when AB actually replied to one of the cartoons someone sent him) I suspect he knows he has a huge crossover geek following, probably as much or more so than Iron Chef (the Japanese version–even with AB and Mormoto both present, the Food Network version isn’t the same. Sorry, AB, I want Fukui-san and Oto-san as my commentators.)

  4. No coincidence – AB is “one of us.” He’s constantly making references… SW, Trek (the gelatin episode is “Deep Space Slime”), Avengers, etc.

    When he did his first book tour, I made him a little present… tea towels with “Good Eats” & “Today is a good day to eat” in Klingon. I think he really liked them since, of the multitudes of other gifts he received, only they were described in detail on his website.

    A food geek? Moi? Just because my Halloween costume was as ChairWench Kaga – complete with yellow pepper… Nahhhhh. ;-)

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