ComicCon with No Actors?

Collider points out that if the Screen Actors Guild decides to hit the picket line next week, promoting things at San Diego ComicCon might not happen.

Given what this convention has become, it would be decidedly odd.  Sure, they could always go back to their roots and focus more on comics.  But it’s all about the moving media, these days.  And while die-hard fen enjoy getting to see the producers and writers, I just don’t think they’ll get as much coverage.

It’ll be interesting to see what goes down. (via)

5 Replies to “ComicCon with No Actors?”

  1. That’s a really good point… and remember that a lot of producers/writers are also members of SAG, so it’ll cut down on their numbers, as well. (Or they may even honor the SAG picket line and just not show.)

    Of course, this might just mean that the crowds will, for once, actually be manageable. But I doubt it.

  2. I’ve attended the craziness that is ComicCon since 2001 (it was about 2002 that the astronomical explosive crowd growth began), and I think this would be the best thing that could happen. The big panels have gotten so, well…big, they’re to the point of being unenjoyable, even if you can get through the line to get into them. And honestly, except for a very few exceptions, the actors are BY FAR the least interesting people. The writers, directors, producers and other behind the scenes people are the ones with the real and interesting insight into their shows and have something to say worth listening to.

    If those panels were reduced to sneak peeks (yay!) and the people with the real creative hand in developing the show it would be fantastic. I’d love the studio panels to be more about the show rather than 15 year old girls wanting to get a hug from their favorite hunk of the week or a recording on their voice mail.

  3. I was tempted to add in even more snark about what the con has become but decided to restrain myself. :)

    I think the con would be more fun (although there are several actors I enjoy at cons), but the shows and films would definitely lose out on the media hype that accompanies it.

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