Clone Wars TV movie event coming in September?

The Jedi Temple Archives has what appears to be a Hasbro marketing calender that places a “TV Movie Event” in September. Best guess? The basic cable (broadcast?) premiere of the original The Clone Wars movie.

I asked the collective intelligence of Twitter, and (hat tip to @RyanPom and @MandyBu) we’re pretty sure that The Clone Wars never got a run on premium cable here in the U.S., which could make this the first airing on TV, period. Emphasis on could, of course, since there’s always the slim chance they’re making another full-length ‘feature’ to launch S3…

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  1. The first season was aired on Space, but fairly sporadically, and often out of order and random repeats. Season 2 ended up airing on Teletoon instead of Space, which seems to be its new home.

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