The Clone Wars: It’s a movie and a TV series!

IMAGE: The Clone Wars

USA Today: Clone Wars feature film, coming in August, leads into TV series. The series itself will follow, airing on the Cartoon Network and TNT. has a few more details, including new stills and the first in a series of web-only documentaries. Naturally, there are the requisite t-shirts.

Variety has yet more details: The movie will run about a hundred minutes, and the only original actors reprising their roles are Anthony Daniels and Matthew Wood. George is executive producer, but it was directed by Dave Filoni, written by Henry Gilroy, Scott Murphy and Steven Melching, with Catherine Winder producing.

More than 30 episodes are “already produced,” whatever that means. (Almost done? Various stages of completion? Totally ready to go?)

Fan reaction to the announcement tonight has been generally squeeful, and as is the way of our people, a Livejournal community has been created for dedicated discussion of the series.

Speaking of dedicated, we now have a category just for The Clone Wars, though it only goes back to C4 at the moment. The catch-all SWTV is getting a bit crowded.

5 Replies to “The Clone Wars: It’s a movie and a TV series!”

  1. Excellent! Cable is much less restrictive than broadcast, and fans can rest assured that the show won’t be cancelled/rescheduled/”held until midseason,” etc.

    And hey, after Robot Chicken and the first Clone Wars series, CN deserves this. Bravo, Turner!

  2. Allow me to add to the squee. Seeing the sneak peek at CIV on that big screen was mind-blowing.

    I might actually have to venture back into a movie theater to watch this one!


  3. Fantastic News! The Clone Wars Events remind me of the Van Halen song, Best of Both Worlds!
    Yes, I need the T-Shirt! Very cool images!

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