Check out Hallmark’s Star Wars ornaments for 2008

Hallmark\'s Luke & Vader ornament

The Hallmark Keepsake Dream Book ’08 is out, and their Star Wars offerings this year have a Return of the Jedi theme, with an Imperial shuttle, Luke and Vader’s final duel, and Emperor Palpatine. The miniatures set is a Star Destroyer and the incomplete Death Star. Check them all out for yourself on page 64 (page 65 has Star Trek and Indiana Jones) or via the screencap beneath the cut.

Hallmark 2008

4 Replies to “Check out Hallmark’s Star Wars ornaments for 2008”

  1. Hallmark has been making spaceship ornaments for what, 15 years now? (They started with the Enterprise, I think? Google says that was 1991Star Wars came along a few years later.) I’m generally anti-fannish decor, but I could totally get down with an all-spaceship tree.

  2. Watch out for these. I have bought several of them and some have really cheap electronics that break after a couple of years. Considering they are only “played” a few times per year during Christmas this is as close to a rip-off as you can get. They do look nice though. Just expect the lights and sound to fail quickly.

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