CGI Yoda, as rumored to be on the Blu-rays

This is apparently the ‘new and improved’ CGI Yoda who has been rumored to be on The Phantom Menace blu-ray, replacing the traditional puppet. (I’m told this is different – or at least longer – than the clip on the Revenge of the Sith DVD.) Better? Worse? I was never a fan of the TPM puppet – he looked off – but I’m not sure this is any better. (via)

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  1. Yeah…I’m usually a huge fan of model work and puppetry over CGI, but the original TPM Yoda puppet was shockingly amateurish. I mean, they were sitting on twenty years of advancements in animatronics and materials and they couldn’t come up with something better looking than the ESB puppet? This looks loads better.

  2. Knowing Lucas’s tendency to change the movies through new releases, I always knew that he’d do this eventually.

    And yes, that’s definitely an improvement!

  3. Work seems a little cheap… he barely moves, Like a KOTOR character. In fact he’s actually less than that, and what is forgivable for a game is not for a film!
    Nevertheless, he no longer bears the surprised look the old muppet had.

  4. The fact that this is as big a news story as it is, is further evidence that very few people really watch the bonus materials on DVDs.

  5. This is much better, I look forward to erasing the original rubbish looking puppet yoda from my memory banks.

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