Celebration VI is announced, and it looks familiar

Yes, we finally have the Celebration VI announcement. Alas, it’s back in Orlando… Same bat-time, same bat-location.

Yes, that means AUGUST. Again. August 23-26, in the Orange County Convention Center. Ugh.

On the plus side, you can get your tickets and book your hotel right now.

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  1. So soon! I was hoping I’d have some time to get my credits back and start yearning again. But still, this is exciting! Orlando isn’t my ideal location but it was a lot of fun.

  2. maybe this time i’ll be able to go see Universal Studios!

    I was very happy with the Orange County Convention Center… the humidity walking to and from the convention center was less exciting.

  3. Like I’ve said before…who really cares where it is as long as the convention center itself is good. OCCC was a great facility. You prolly spend less than 1 hour per day outside in the heat so the weather should not be a factor. Granted, I live in NC where we have almost the same summer humidity so I’m used to it. I’d probably complain if it was in Boston in February though.
    Other than the weather complaints, I’ve not really heard any valid reasons why Orlando was so bad

  4. Like I’ve said before, it’s the combination of the weather and the very sprawled-out nature of the area where the convention center and hotels are. You can’t walk that far in all that heat.

    Most August cons I’ve been to have been in downtown areas, like Indianapolis and Atlanta, where you have a wide variety of options that ARE walkable. It’s a very bad sign if my second thought upon seeing the location is “I should have rented a car.”

  5. moral of the story is: never leave the convention center.

    then again, renting a car might actually be cheaper than having to pay for shuttle/taxi rides to/from the airport.

  6. I’m happy. :)

    Even if I didn’t live in Orlando, I’d be glad for it being here. The convention center is great. Plus, I can only imagine that they’ll have more tie-ins with Disney World/Star Tours. And there’s a good chance that The Maker will return, as well as lots of other celebrities who can hang out in the theme parks.

  7. I’m a little unable to comment on that, since we rented a car to get into Florida anyway. But I felt quite happy staying at the convention center as long as it was open, for those people who want to avoid the heat outside–there was a pretty nice variety of food, and of course plenty of activities.

  8. while the food selections (and prices) inside the convention center were great, the food options immediately around the convention center were corporate meh. The best I found was a sit-down Pizza Hut on the other side of my hotel. Its windows were condensed over with the difference in humidity and heat outside to the AC inside.

    but the opportunity to go see some theme parks is a bonus!

  9. I just wish it was somewhere different. Orlando kinda has a “been there/done that/bought the Lando ‘stache” feel to it.

    But at least the Star Tours is new! So yes, there’s that.

  10. I’d be more excited if this weren’t the same week as the graduation ceremony for my MFA program. Oh well, maybe next year.

  11. I couldn’t make C5 but am there for C6, heard a few complaints due to location and especially heat, but hey – its Orlando in August, so no shock there. I’m also in Orlando in the easter on a big family trip (first trip abroad for my wife after her battle wth cancer), so it will be a return trip for us within 12 weeks but what the hell!

  12. looking forward to seeing you there, Mark!

    i sense a pattern:
    1: Denver
    2: Indy
    3: Indy
    4: LA
    5: Orlando
    6: Orlando

    by this logic, 7 will be in a new city, then 8 will be in a different new city, and 9 will be in 8’s location. hmm.. 7 in Chicago, 8&9 in Vegas.

  13. Vegas…sweeeeet! saw all 3 prequels there at the Showcase, that would be an AMAZING place to have the convention!
    And cheers James, be sure to catch up over a few Flameouts!

  14. Interesting logic, James. I’m still surprised they haven’t done one on the East Coast. I hear some people live there.

  15. my only issue is the timing so close to the start of school for a lot of kids. 2012 school schedule isn’t out yet obviously but if the convention was held that weekend this year it would be after school started for us. since I am from Texas the heat was not that big of deal.

  16. Well, yeah, but in terms of geography (and most other things), Florida is its own world. I guess I should have said Northeast (NY, Boston).

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