Celebration V: EU news – Fate of the Jedi #9 has a name, Knight Errant and season 3 of The Clone Wars

While Dunc is off at fashion shows or handing out orange Death Star fans, I got a chance to attend a couple panels today, and here’s the top information:

  • Apocalypse was announced as the title of the ninth book in the Fate of the Jedi series.
  • Pablo Hidalgo is going to be writing an Essential Reader’s Companion, helping not only to sum up all the existing novels, but also provide some behind-the-scenes, and showcasing connections between stories. It will be illustrated, and Cal Omas will be pictured at last (and not hiding behind a potted plant)
  • After Fate of the Jedi, Del Rey will be staying away from long series for a while, with just one-offs and duo/trilogies.
  • Wedge Antilles is apparently the only SW character allowed to retire. He’s working on his memoirs, but Aaron Allston says not to count him out yet.
  • Knight Errant: comics will be released in October, novel in January, and while you don’t need one to understand the other, hopefully the new storyline will pull you in with a young female Jedi, Kerra Holt, on her own in Sith warlord space a generation before Darth Bane. This is the first time that Dark Horse and Del Rey are working together on a SW project, with a single writer: John Jackson Miller.
  • The Clone Wars – Season 3: going to rock! Dooku gets mad at Asajj, and gets a new Sith villain, raised by the Dathomir nightsisters: A Steelers-colored Maul kinsman. Invisible nightsisters attack Dooku in his pajamas! Shaak Ti is coming! Kamino is under attack (with cool water, smoke and explosion effects). Asajj’s background is revealed! Jawajames explodes from awesomeness of the trailer! Dave Filoni has trouble giving evasive answers to little kids!

7 Replies to “Celebration V: EU news – Fate of the Jedi #9 has a name, Knight Errant and season 3 of The Clone Wars…”

  1. The “invisible Jedi” were the Nightsisters… chasing Dooku down in his PJs. Good times.

  2. thanks for the correction – i thought that, but then wondered where they got lightsabers.

    btw, nice meeting you (albeit briefly) at the TFN party…

  3. if by the water, smoke and explosions you mean Delta Squad then yes that was some great water, smoke, and explosions.

  4. oops! spoiled a post I did. lol

    No but seriously, sorry. I am still looking forward to that post and reading about the fact that filoni dodged the traviss situation when asked about it. At least that was what I remembered. Great recap!

    p.s. Are you folks having CV withdrawal too?

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