Celebration Europe to screen director’s cut of The Clone Wars S5’s Darth Maul arc

Fans at Celebration Europe will have the chance to see a special directors cut of the Darth Maul arc from season five of The Clone Wars, Reed annouced today. There’ll be Friday and Saturday screenings of the recut arc, which features the episodes “Revival,” “Eminence,” “Shades of Reason,” and “The Lawless.”

There will also be a ‘Secrets of Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ panel with Dave Filoni held Friday on Pablo Hidalgo’s Behind-The-Scenes Stage.

4 Replies to “Celebration Europe to screen director’s cut of The Clone Wars S5’s Darth Maul arc”

  1. I want those theatrical cuts so bad. We watched the Umbara episodes last night and while I think it is some of the best Star Wars ever put to screen, it suffers because of the breaks.

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was a mix of positives and negatives when the standalone episodes were incorporated into their film structures. The Clone Wars only benefits from it.

    I probably watch the DVD release of Darth Maul Returns once a month or so. I love that theatrical cut.

    Same with Nightsisters Trilogy on DVD. I saw that theatrically in L.A. and got to chat with Filoni for about half an hour afterwards, which was rad.

    I hope we don’t have to wait years to get the full cuts of all these short Star Wars movies.

  2. Duuuude! Having gotten to see ‘Eminence’ theatrically, and just being blown away by it on the big screen, I think my brain would explode from seeing the entire Darth Maul season five arc on the big screen uncut.

    If you are going to Celebration Europe, GO SEE THIS.

    I’m hoping they will put this version out on video.

  3. I wish I was going to Celebration Europe but my wife is pregnant now and we are on a “no travel” restriction (we can’t even go to L.A.).

    The flip side is we’re going to go to all of the Celebrations that happen for the movies in the future, so I can’t complain.

    I wish they sold more theatrical cuts on iTunes like they did with Nightsisters. I’m practically begging them to double dip my pockets. I want to give them my money!

    I want to see the theatrical cut of Ashoka’s last arc with the John Williamsish score as well.

    I hope Star Wars Rebels does this same thing. Without Lucas involved, it feels less likely to happen, but I’m hopeful.

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