Celebration Europe: Return of the Jedi under the stars, David Collins

Celebration EuropeToday we got a few more updates for Star Wars Celebration Europe, coming up in only two months:

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  1. To watch the wonder that is my favorite Star Wars movie on a big screen or not to watch the horror that remains after Lucas went over it for the umpteenth time, that is the question here. Hmm… I’ll probably go and take the “close your eyes and think of Endor” road whenever Ewoks start blinking uncontrollably and the heads of mediocre actors turn up in the middle of perfect scenes…
    I am ranting again, aren’t I? Sorry. :-o

  2. Aaron:
    Since they used the 1997 SE film print for the screenings on May the 4th in Hollywood, it would make sense that they also use a film print for the Celebration Europe screening. And the last film version of ROTJ was the 1997 Special Edition — and not the DVD or Blu-ray versions.

    The fans at the May the 4th screening cheered loudly when the ghost of Anakin was Sebastian Shaw, and I’m sure that they want cheering fans at Celebration Europe too!

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