C&D humor for your chest

Diesel Sweeties, who received one of the dreaded ‘quit or we’ll sue your wookiee off’ letters in regards to several derivative tees last month, is now offering limited engagement Cease and Desist t-shirts. Ironically, he’s still offering some of the original shirts.

One Reply to “C&D humor for your chest”

  1. Gee. Bitter much?

    His arguements remind me of the whole Vanilla Ice controversy, way back when. Remember when he stole that riff from Queen? This baseline that pretty much everyone knows from “Under Pressure” was in the dude’s song. But he kept trying to say it was his own creation.

    Puh-leez. Live with it. Those images were NOT abstractions.

    Now. If he really wanted to make a cute shirt out of it, then he’d add on the words “I was hit with a…” in front of “Cease and Desist.” Then he’d make a killing selling to everyone who’s ever gotten a C&D from Lucasfilm.

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