Confessions of a fangirl

Our own Susan has an article about being a female fan. Plenty of CJer quotes and references. Witness:

If I told the truth, I reasoned, people would think I was crazy. When I did tell, I’d have to endure a bemused, somewhat patronizing reaction. Eyebrows are raised. Weird glances follow. Since I started this story, my coworkers take joy in making fun of me.

What’s interesting, of course, is that other, equally bizarre hobbies are considered legitimate. As my friend Shelba put it, “I don’t understand why it is OK that people who paint their faces blue, or red, or green polka dots to cheer on a sports team are just enthusiastic, but we’re weird.”

Golfers play all weekend and decorate their house with golf-themed pillows. There are avid genealogists and Civil War buffs, birdwatchers and Phish fans. But say you’re into Star Wars, and people think you are out of touch with reality.

Read it you will!

ETA: Susan’s article gets linked at TFN for the masses! Awesome!

Opening Day* Fun Stuff

NPR has been doing a series on Star Wars and George Lucas all week. (Via Carbongeek.)

Literary fantasy and sci-fi talk show the Dragon Page has a cover-to-cover podcast with Matthew Stover. (Via Sci-Fi Ranter Girl.)

Droids, droids, everywhere: R2 builders on the cover of Make magazine; Italian bot that recognizes, runs away from lightsabers and humans with lightsabers.

Hilarious Star Wars photoshop contest.

For more hilarity, SF Signal reproduces the Top 10 Star Wars Spoofs list from an old edition of SFX magazine. Mmm… parody.

* Technically may have nothing to do with opening day.