George Lucas on The Colbert Report!

George showed up – SURPRISE – as one of the two finalists in Colbert’s Greenscreen Challenge. (See an entry montage) Colbert introduced the first clip, with the creator, Bonnie (not that Bonnie) on the phone, and then announced that the creator of the second clip, one ‘George L.’ was with them in the studio.

The clip was footage from the the opening ROTS battle, with Stephen, battle droids, and a very special guest. You can watch it on Comedy Central’s site or

Alas – George lost, puppydog eyes and all. He hung out for the rest of the show, both of them holding in the laughs only slightly better than Horatio Sanz on SNL, and ended with a heroic lightsaber duel. Who won? George. I believe that’s the first time Colbert let a guest win anything.

I’ll keep an eye on Youtube for more clips, but right now there’s not much there. Pirates, where are you when I need you? Slacking. How typical.

Ready to sell out!

The New York Times profiles Seth Green and the folks of Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken. The show has produced several Star Wars skits, most notably this one, which according to the article got Green and co-producer Matthew Senreich an invite to ILM. (Green has been to the Ranch as well.)

Apparently the new season premiered this Sunday… For those of us who missed it, watch the whole thing at Adult Swim Fix. Sadly, it’s not the best episode…