Those aren’t droids. They’re Robots!

Per, Ewan McGregor’s animated adventure Robots will be released on IMAX screens the same day as it’s released in conventional theaters.

Apparently, Ewan joined his ROTS co-star Natalie Portman and his good friend Jude Law to see her new movie Closer and gave it two thumbs up.

And so as to avoid demonstrating our obvious bias towards Mr. McGregor, we also include this coverage of Natalie Portman:
Zap2It Interview

Natalie on Dave Letterman on Thanksgiving

Mark Hamill, Up Close and on the Internet

I feel almost bad bumping down the ROTS teaser trailer, because that is the bigger story, today.

But in other Star Wars-related news, Mark Hamill (that’s Luke Skywalker, to all you non-SW fans out there) will be on a webcast from the premiere of his film “Comic Book: The Movie” at the California Independent Film Festival, today.

It’ll be something to do while you wait for space to open up on the servers.

People News: Neeson, One Man Show, Authors

All you USA people go vote today, okay? This election is slowly eating away at my sanity, the least you can do is pull a lever. Anyway…

Coming Soon has talks to Liam Neeson about his new film Kinsey and the upcoming Kingdom of Heaven and Batman Begins.

Charlie Ross is scheduled to perform The One Man Star Wars Trilogy at Celebration 3.

In Star Wars author news, Elizabeth Hand (Scholastic’s Boba Fett series) won a World Fantasy Award for her short story collection Bibliomancy. Karen Traviss (Hard Contact) is active on and is currently answering questions in the Hard Contact thread.

Long Way Round to US Airwaves

While fans who can access BBC have already been happily watching, US fans can get their first installment of Long Way Round tonight (Thursday) on Bravo.

That’s Thursday at 10pm, Eastern.

Wantons, this will probably be the only episode we’ll get to see without The Woodchuck. (Those non-Wantons should check out the “after” picture with the atrocious beard that earned its own name.)

Why do I have the feeling motorcycle sales will increase after this series?