Lusers kick ASS!

I was going to make fun of Liz for posting that entry under Dunc’s name but then Dunc had to go and fix it. Stupid Drunc Dunc. Also, the Lusers are going to SPANK Vegetarian Spank Inferno tomorrow. I mean today. The clock says it’s past midnight. Because we have SPIRIT and CHEERLEADERS! And very possibly pom-poms.

(Incidentally, I am drunker than Liz but not as drunk as Dunc. At least I’m still coherent enough to correct my typos.)

Vegetarian Spank Inferno

This weekend, many CJers will be introduced to Coupling, the BBC sitcom that gave us Commander Norrington. Those who do not avail themselves of the opportunity to watch the show on DVD will likely be utterly mystified by the stickers we are handing out that say, “I’m Giselle!” “No, I’M Giselle!”

And they won’t understand why Team Vegetarian Spank Inferno has the Best. Name. Ever.

I’d like to give a shout-out to all our friends on the boards who wouldn’t/couldn’t come. See what you guys are missing??

Also, Dunc (whose name I first typed as “Drunk”) is way drunker than I am. I will work on rectifying that.

Live from JadeCon

It’s night one of JadeCon and we’re all wound up. We just got back from Games Night, where my team kicked ASS at Naboo (Taboo.) In what other crowd could I say “She’s dead, we hate her!” and people’s first guess is Callista? Who isn’t dead! Great fun was had by all. I love Naboo.

Profound I’m not, but I try. I just downed one of Mary’s drinks in five minutes. I’d like to see you blog half as well, when this drunk you reach.

Tomorrow is the Galactic Games. GO LUSERS! We will prevail; we are legion.

BREAKING NEWS: Not only is James (Sithspit) attending his first GenCon, he has just fetched his first bucket of ice. Life is good. Pass me another drink.