Catching up: Her Universe, Blu-rays and more

Audrey M. Brown interviews Ashley Eckstein about Her Universe and female fans. Meanwhile, the new two shirts and kids sizes that debuted at Star Wars Weekends are now available through the Her Universe website. (Be sure to check out what’s on sale – several shirts are going for half off!)

  • Lucasfilm and Fox hosted a private media event in New York last week, which means a handful of new Blu-ray details have made their way to us, via Big Picture, Big Sound. Looks like the Precious Moments-esque complete saga set comes in the form of a booklet.
  • Some fans are so put out by Sony shutting down Star Wars Galaxies that they’re actually considering suing? There’s also a petition: Apparently at least 2,500 are still playing the thing, which I would have sworn was put out of its misery ages ago. Go figure.
  • Greenpeace is using Star Wars to strike back at Volkswagen for opposing environmental legislation in Europe.
  • Star Wars is #5 and Empire #2 on Total Film’s list of the 50 greatest sci-fi movies. Who beat them out? Well, I can tell you one thing: It ain’t The Godfather.

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  1. I’m not really big on the two new shirts, the prices on the new shirts have me hopeful that they have started to become somewhat realistic with their prices. Plus sales are always nice.

  2. Ashley explains the shirt price thing in the first link:

    But there are technical issues to leveling the playing field. Sometimes it starts with a price tag. Ashley explains, “Our t-shirts are in the $28.00 – $35.00 range. A lot of the female fans compare them to the prices for guys’ shirts or little boys’ shirts in Wal Mart or Target. Just to consider, those shirts are being made sometimes fifty thousand shirts at a time because the stores know that the guys are going to come in and buy the shirts. Right now we have to prove sales by ordering a smaller amount (of shirts). Our order numbers are minuscule compared to what Wal Mart is able to order for the boys or the men. Just realize we’re offering you a much higher quality shirt.”

    Eckstein wants fangirls to know that when they won’t pay the extra cost of buying a shirt specifically designed for a woman, “We’re sending a message to the retailers that says they don’t need the product made for them. They’re fine with buying a boy’s shirt.” You can hear the voice of an entrepreneur in her frustration. “It stinks. I wish I could offer the same prices and a wider variety that the guys have but we’re not there yet. Even by buying one shirt that sends such a message. If we prove that girls are buying shirts made for girls the retailers are going to listen.

  3. I realize that Her Universe is filling a serious void in regards Star Wars/geek apparel for women, but I have to say that I totally envy some of the designs that Her Universe provides. I guess it is only fair, considering that has less than one page of women apparel compared to 5+ for men.

  4. Seriously? Blade Runner is their #1?! Seriously?!!

    I have yet to make it through that movie. I don’t care if it does have Harrison Ford.

  5. I buy men’s shirts because there STILL aren’t any shirts that fit me. I might get away with the XXL on her site, but those shirts seem to be Junior’s sizes, NOT Misses. My ladies need a little more room than most shirts provide.

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