Buffy reboot? In other news, no original ideas left

You’ve probably already heard the collective cry of anguish from worshippers of The Whedon, but let’s make sure you’re caught up.  Yes.  Hollywood is planning a reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Okay.  Stop laughing.

Okay.  Don’t stop laughing.  Joss has responded in his typical Whedeonesque fashion in an e-mail to E! Online:

This is a sad, sad reflection on our times, when people must feed off the carcasses of beloved stories from their youths—just because they can’t think of an original idea of their own, like I did with my Avengers idea that I made up myself.

Personally, I hope he goes for that reboot of Batman entitled:  The Dark Knight Rises Way Earlier Than That Other One And Also More Cheaply And In Toronto.

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  1. God, this story is just as laughable as it is sad. Sure, it’s been almost a decade since the show went off the air so it isn’t quite as bad as the turn-around on the Spiderman “reboot” but this one just reeks of a Twilight Bandwagon cash-grab. The fact that it’s being written by a nobody actress who has no screen-writing credentials is just neon-lit icing on an already obvious cake.

  2. Not a fan of the Wheddon myself, so I’ll refrain from bad mouthing the little blonde vampire killer.

    But, hasn’t Buffy already been rebooted once before?

    Honestly, I’m sure the fanbase is there, why reboot when you can just continue the original story. Maybe Buffy has a kid, or becomes the mentor in some other fashion.

  3. I think I could stomach a Buffy reboot…mainly because the first film had so little to do with the series…I can disconnect them in my mind more easily. Maybe they remake the first film to be more like what Whedon originally had planned?

  4. Paul: The TV series was a soft reboot of the original movie. (They do acknowledge the events of the movie, but barely.) I think the difference is that the movie wasn’t really that big of a deal. No one expected much of the series – it was a mid-season replacement on the WB starring an actress best known for her stint on All My Children and that British guy from those coffee commercials. But it was a hit (by WB standards, anyway,) and, more importantly, built a substantial following. Without the TV series, the movie would just be some random sup-par early 90’s flick.

    If there had never been a TV series, I doubt many would care if they rebooted it.

  5. I don’t really consider the series a reboot of the movie. There isn’t quite continuity there, but it isn’t a major contradiction of the movie, either.

    Without Joss’s involvement, I remain very skeptical. If it’s good, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. If it’s bad, I’ll just ignore it.

  6. A reboot implies that they are going to continue the series using the rebooted universe. My guess is that the rebooted universe will be entirely made up of this movie.

  7. What really infuriates me is that there are old series that could really do with a little rebooting that they could do instead like Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

  8. I ran across one of those Anthony Head coffee commercials on Youtube. Yes kids, this was his claim to fame (in America, anyway) before Buffy.

    For good measure, here’s a commercial for Swan’s Crossing, the preteen soap opera that SMG headlined before All My Children. Also starring the twins who went on to play Elizabeth and Jessica in the Sweet Valley High TV series! (Yes, I actually watched this. It was awful.)

  9. I remember how crazy women were for those coffee commercials. He was very sexy in those commercials. :)

    And I have never seen Swan’s Crossing. How very 90210!

  10. Wow, those commercials bring back memories. I don’t think I realized how long ago they were; for some reason I was thinking the last one was only a couple of years before Buffy premiered.

    I don’t know if it’s awesome or sad that an eight minute string of coffee commercials convey a much more engaging romance than, say, a certain series of prequel films we all know.

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