BSG news out of Dragon*Con

I’m not sure how many CJers actually made it into any of the Battlestar Galactica panels, but for those wondering what the big news was, SyFy Portal has a report: It seems that Jamie Bamber claimed that Sci-Fi’s plan right now is to split the next (and last!) season into two parts – and not airing the second until 2009. Seeing as how bad Sci-Fi is at learning their lessons when it comes to scheduling (among other things) it’s more than a little plausible.

Or it was all a joke. Okay… This is the Sci-Fi Channel we’re talking about, after all. (Thanks, Scoke!)

In a related personal anecdote, Helen and I figured out how to save BSG from being so relentlessly depressing – add a class clown. See, Wash didn’t die. He just fell through a wormhole and ended up on the Galactica. It could totally happen!

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  1. I was there too, and it didn’t sound like he was joking, but *phew*. Thank goodness.

    They really were rough on Sci-Fi Channel though. It was hilarious.

  2. They weren’t quite joking, but rather exaggerating. It’s inevitable that there will be a split of some length, but no scheduling actually confirmed (as everyone knows from today’s reports). It seems like a lot of people who were at the BSG panel got that, but then you know what happens when ONE person puts something on the internet (i.e. Ain’t it Cool). SciFi has been intending on the split for a long time, as many other series do.

    I like the Wash idea. Let’s slip that in with all the toasters we send to the SciFi secretaries :p

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