Bookstore adventuring!

aliens.jpgThe New Essential Guide to Alien Species came out yesterday. The folks at Wookieepedia and TFN are atwitter over all the new info. ARE YOU??? It’s Helen’s book! Buy it!

Puzzlingly, is featuring the Complete Visual Dictionary, which has been out for weeks, even at my local Barnes & Noble where I think they put out the new books whenever they ‘feel like it.’ (Note: said B&N does have copies of the Return of the Jedi radio drama in the discount area for $7.99. Check yours!)

Any excuse for a shopping spree, right? Or, umm, holiday gifts. Yeah, gifts.

One Reply to “Bookstore adventuring!”

  1. Dunc, I think you need to be’s book publicity editor. :)

    Congratulations, Helen! I look forward to gloating that I know you when I get to the bookstore.

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