2 Replies to “Bah humbug”

  1. George really, really needs to just embrace the pain and revel in the awfulness of the Holiday Special.

    I was hoping they’d make it an Easter Egg on the OT DVDs. Don’t they realize that mocking the Holiday Special brings fans of all stripes together to giggle and mock?

    Besides, it makes Jar-Jar look good. You’d think that would be a plus.

  2. I find this story a bit dubious:
    1. They’ve already refused to acknowledge it (even though Paul and Pablo keep sneaking things on to TOS),
    2. Interesting quote in there. Not the usual language one hears from LFL.

    But it will forever live on in bootleg.

    Of course, I tried to watch “Caravan of Courage” the other day. That’s running pretty close on the whole annoying LFL property scale.

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