Ashley Eckstein responds to CJ readers’ concerns

So yesterday, Erika wrote a piece for us on Her Universe and response that some (but by no means all) male fans have to it. She laid out her case well, and it’s generated quite a bit of discussion. Now, Ashley has posted her response to the issues at hand, namely price, sizes, and design.

Some familiar faces in Her Universe gear at SDCC. (Photo by Nicole Love for StarWarsBlog @ Flickr.)
Some familiar faces in Her Universe gear at SDCC. (Photo by Nicole Love for StarWarsBlog @ Flickr.)

It’s important that we understand that Her Universe is a brand-new company, and starting a company from scratch is no mean feat. And it’s particularly tough to please everyone.

What we need most here is patience. It’s not the popular answer, but there it is. If you can’t afford a $30 t-shirt, then you can’t afford a $30 t-shirt. But the hope here is that enough of us can and will, and that will form the base that allows Her Universe to grow. And remember, they haven’t even been selling stuff for an entire year at this point!

Given how accessible Ashley has been to feedback, I expect that each addition to the line will reflect more than a few things that fans have requested, or at least as much is possible at this point. So yes, we have to be patient: There’s a lot of catching up to do here. 30-some years of it.

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  1. I’m not trying to bash Club Jade here or anything, but just the fact that she responded to comments from a fan site is a pretty big deal in my book.

    Ashley; you’re awesome.

  2. I agree with Pabawan! Ashley continues to show us just how dedicated she is to the line and how we feel about it (since it’s for us). And for someone who is more than likely an incredibly busy person, taking time out of her day to respond so thoughtfully to concerns is really an awesome and admirable thing.

  3. I love that Ashley is sticking up for us (and, by extension, for her customers). Good for her! I hadn’t been inclined to purchase her wares before, but after seeing this post? I totally will.

  4. It’s very sensible of Ashley to be watching the major sites (of which CJ is one) for both feedback and ideas, and with it being, for the time being, such a small portion of the sci-fi market Her Universe is aiming at, it’s something she can manage.
    Good idea too, because as HU rolls out across other franchises it will be tougher to track. Get that ‘template’ refined now, on the SW franchise and the others will have a smoother ride into the affections of the wider female sci-fi audience.

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