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Pilgrims in an unholy land: Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Oct. 21-27

In addition to the big dude himself weighing in, last week brought us Glee’s Chris Colfer with a new sexy spin on a key character, important questions about C-3PO, the internet’s thoughts on Lawrence Kasdan, conspiracy theories and crazy rumors for The Empire Strikes Back. No, reallytweet102313

Also, ditched Storify in light of what a pain-in-the-butt it’s been lately. Not saying we’ll never use it again, but maybe only for breaking news. As usual, the remaining tweets are under the cut. (Let’s just hope that Twitter doesn’t start pooping out next…)

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We’re doomed! Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Oct. 7-13

Last week we pondered Anakin Skywalker’s mad trolling skills, watched (or attended, or attended via cardboard avatar) NYCC and pondered how long George Lucas is keeping J.J. Abrams on the phone. All that and more, below the cut.

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Totally not our new revenue stream: Last week’s best #StarWars and #EpisodeVII tweets

@missingwords: Brilliant money making scheme: 3 pop culture news sites partner to take turns making up, confirming & debunking each others scoops.

Last week, the Episode VII casting rumors ran wild and free, and also there was DragonCon. A magical time, presided over by the mighty Cumberbatch of Labor, with an assist from a bloodthirsty John Williams and various costumers. Or something like that. With a bonus round of #LessEpicStarWars!

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