April Fools!

StarWars.com: The Shadow War Chronicles.

Locus Online: Lucasfilm announces “Adult” Star Wars Novel Line. Titles include Slave Girl of Tattoine and Brokeback Falcon. (Also discovered by Slashdot)

TheForce.net: Madonna Signs On For Live Action Television Series!

Jedi Council Forums: “There will indeed be a sequel to the blockbuster movie, Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith… “

Wookieepedia: Featured Article: Earth

RebelScum: Operate on the Dark Lord

501st: Pwnd by Rebel hackers

Ask Slashdot: How Hot Would a Light Saber Really Be?

Sideshow Collectibles: 6-inch Partial Figure Exclusive: Final Battle Darth Maul.

For breaking news from other fandoms:

Livejournal: Pirates take control!

Fandom Wank: Bans all users who don’t support Harry/Hermione.

StarTrek.com: Sneak preview of site relaunch.

Leaky Cauldron/Mugglenet: An Announcement of Love, Marriage and Merger.

NarniaWeb: Mr. T Will Voice Reepicheep, Partial Prince Caspian Script Excerpt, more

Wizards.com: My Little Pony Roleplaying Game

For our April Fool’s joke, We remixed the banner image.