Another Fury summary, maybehaps?

This surfaced last week when I was embroiled in Darth Real Life. I didn’t blog it at the time because a) busy! and b) it seemed terribly generic and said absolutely nothing we all don’t know or could guess.

Then I read it again. That last bit? Hrm…

POSSIBLE LOTF SPOILERS / HIGHLIGHT TO READ: As Jacen struggles with the loss of many supporters and almost all his friends and loved ones in his bid to rule the galaxy, Luke must deal with grief and the guilt at having killed the wrong person in revenge. The leaders of both sides of the galactic civil war are increasingly losing control over their forces, the Jedi and their allies are hunting the wrong target as they seek to bring the unknown murderer to justice, and a hidden group of Sith have to figure out what to do about Jacen and their own secret agenda.

This about as unconfirmed as unconfirmed gets, and I’m deeply inclined to call bullshit. It was first reported by NJOE, which is currently down, and seems to have originated at Waterstone’s.

However, the Fury summary that has been confirmed by Sue Rostoni, the longer one we linked earlier, does hint that “a plan to destroy Jacen is unfolding deep in space.” So, who knows?