And today’s Trek rumors are….

Far be it for me to deny that I’m not just a wee bit biased for this one, but it appears that Stargate Atlantis’ Paul McGillion has auditioned for the role of Scotty in the next Star Trek film. He even gets some endorsement from James Doohan’s son over the recently-rumored James McAvoy.

And apparently Mike Vogel is getting the latest industry gossip as the front runner for Kirk.

Don’t you just love gossip?

2 Replies to “And today’s Trek rumors are….”

  1. Most of my response to these sorts of tidbits has been “I’ll believe it when I see it”, but this one is certainly fun to speculate about.

    Wonder how the folks will respond to the phone call this time if he does get the part? ; )

  2. “Stargate?”
    “No, Dad. Star Trek.”
    “You got me on that once before, son. I know you mean Stargate.”
    “No, Dad. I mean Star Trek.”
    “Don’t you talk like that to your father, son. Talk to your mother.”
    “You’re back on Stargate, son?”
    “Yes, Mom.”

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