4 Replies to “And the second new Her Universe licensee is… Transformers.”

  1. In my humble opinion, it would be more exciting if Michael Bay wasn’t sort of butchering the franchise with a lot of stupid slapstick.

    The first Transformers film was exciting and vibrant, but each sequel afterwards is simply less quality.

    It’s great that “Her Universe” is expanding to include Transformers, I think the franchise, in its current state, is just unworthy to be in the line up.

    I think the only Michael Bay film worthy of being included in Her Universe would be “The Island”, but that’s just me barking loudly.

  2. Not entirely surprised about this, given that Transformers does have a pretty sizable portion of the fanbase who are female. And as far as non-action figure merch goes… there’s really not that much geared towards them out there (pardon the unintentional puns). If HU ends up throwing a bone to ‘Beast Wars’ fans (like myself), then I might be inclined to crack open my wallet for TF merch for the first time ever.

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