And the rest: Links on Lost, ladies and lightsabers

Don’t tell me what I can’t shampoo. So Lost is pretty much the only non-rerun genre show I’ve been watching* and I was charmed to discover/rediscover the recaps at The Ack Attack, which are brilliant and hilarious. (The site also features an ongoing comic done in a style that looks quite familiar…)

Ladies, love and Warcraft. Times Online did an article on women who game. Or rather, women “finding love” in World of Warcraft. No seriously, that’s the article. Jezebel snarks so we don’t have to.

Nah nah nah nah nah nah. I remember music videos and Daria, so MTV is not exactly a hot number on the dial these days. (The esteem is mutual.) But apparently they do run at least one show these days that isn’t Jersey Shore, and the other day there were lightsabers on it. Also: Get off my lawn.

* Well, there is The Vampire Diaries, but it is a) shameful and b) an accident, I swear.

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  1. Thanks for the linkage! :D I’m always happy to find other chicks who are into the nerdier pursuits. I’ll add you guys to my blogroll!

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