And fandom wept

A commercial I saw during last night’s finale of America’s Next Top Model (Shut up!) indicates that one of the geeks from the upcoming season of Beauty and the Geek is part of a “Star Wars tribute band.” He sings a few bars from a song about Han Solo.

I am disturbed. Which may be ironic for someone who runs a website containing the internet’s biggest collection of Star Wars filk (and admits to watching ANTM,) but so be it.


2 Replies to “And fandom wept”

  1. I wouldn’t worry. The last season of Beauty and the Geek did a great job of humanizing the geeks, showing how their strengths outweighed their weaknesses. The people who cut the network promos aren’t the same folks who run the show… so while the spot you saw was going for cheap laughs, I imagine the show will paint a more three-dimensional (and flattering) picture of the “Han Solo” singer.

    Well, that’s what I hope, anyway.

  2. A guy I knew from college was on the second season of Beauty and the Geek. It was somewhat weird, but cool. …that had nothing to do with anything, really.

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