6 Replies to “Aaron Allston – He speaks!”

  1. A great author, i’ve read almost all his books.
    I’m praying 4 him every night 4 him 2 make a full recovery and hope he’ll be discarded out the hospital and he has 2 rest until he’s ready 2 write Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi books again.
    May the Force be with you always..and 4ever.
    again, he’s in my prayers…..get well Aaron.

  2. Well that’s good to hear.

    Has there been any word on whether or not this will alter the FotJ release schedule? I imagine that for these big series they collect manuscripts even further ahead of time than usual, but all the same…

  3. Doyle: It’s WAY too soon to be asking, so of course it already came up at TFN, and here’s what Troy Denning had to say:

    “Hey guys, let us worry about the schedule, okay? We’ll handle it, once we know how long Aaron is going to need to recover. In the mean time, let’s just concentrate on sending out positive vibes . . . “

  4. Alright. Alright. There’s no need for anyone to get testy. My post did, perhaps, read as a bit insensitive. I was more thinking that it was the kind of thing that they would offer a press release about.

    I do, of course, wish only best to Aaron, and hope that he’s continuing to recover quickly.

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