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There’s something for everyone in Star Wars

jaxxon2Including giant bunnies. No, seriously. This of the kind of thing you need to be aware of if you’re even going to think about taking Star Wars too seriously.

Anyway, I know this is rather late, but Happy Easter/Passover/[insert spring holiday of your choice here], everyone!

(Meanwhile, all this stuff will be on sale tomorrow. The hand-painted eggs, not so much. But scrambled Ewok sounds good. Better than ham, anyway.)

EUbits: Gizmodo discovers the GFFA; TFU up for writing award; First look at Insider #107

Great things on the Wookieepedia: Gizmodo has blogged the Wookieepedia’s galaxy map (originally appeared in Star Wars Insider #65) thus making it legitimately cool on the internet. Or something. Not that I’m saying you kids still don’t have some work to do.

  • Comics: Randy Stradley has an update at Dark Horse’s Star Wars Zone. Big news is that The Clone Wars comic will go on (monthly!) for six more issues. And there will be two big announcements at New York Comic-Con.
  • The Force Unleashed: The game is a nominee for the WGA’s award for 2008’s best videogame writing. (via)

  • Magazines: Could the Star Wars Insider be on the road to improvement with a new editor?
  • Authors: Karen Traviss is up for the Philip K. Dick award for the final book in her Wess’har series, Judge.

The Clone Wars: TFN talks to Filoni and Gilroy

Dave Filoni and Henry Gilroy answer fan questions on The Clone Wars over at TheForce.net. A lot of interesting tidbits on the show, its relation to the EU, George’s involvement and other food for thought, like Gilroy’s comments on the unique challenges of writing a digital show:

It wasn’t really an issue of balance. When I wrote the first episode, I wished I could have used the entire Jedi Council, but because we were just building the studio, the only characters I had available were Anakin, Obi-Wan and Yoda. Mace wasn’t originally in the movie story, because he wasn’t built yet, he was added way later. This was the incredible challenge as the head writer, I was tasked with writing Star Wars and making it feel as big as Star Wars, but only allowed to build ONE new character per episode (I started with 9 — can you name them?). So Luminara and Kit showed up at the very first chance I could put them in the show.

Oh, and there’s also something in there about George and the Wookieepedia. Yes, seriously.

In other interview news, EUC has one with The Force Unleashed’s Sam Witwer, and is taking questions for Matt Stover.

Today in The Force Unleashed: Record-breaker!

The big news is The Force Unleashed demo shattering Xbox Live records with more than a million downloads. Count in the Playstation Network and it comes out to 2.3 million. Not too shabby…

The fandom minute: Tees, lists, pedias, cubes

Weirdest thing on the Wookieepedia

IMAGE: Corran Horn, fanboy bait?At 328,784 bytes, Corran Horn’s entry is the biggest on the wiki, outpacing Palpatine, Anakin, and Luke. (Mara is #5.) Corran’s quote page, at #13, is bigger than Han Solo’s entire entry. (Note: Reading any of these pages may lead to LOTF spoilers, including some for Invincible.)

The hell, Wookieepedia? Is Stackpole moonlighting over there or something?

You realize you’re all just encouraging him

io9 discovers Supershadow, the internet’s most laughable Star Wars site. (Unless you happen to be certain type of Wookieepedian, in which case he is the fannish equivalent of Osama bin Laden. They get so adorably worked up over the little nutter.)

If the antics of Mickey and friends are a little too out there for you, io9 has also charted the prevalence of the Hero’s Journey in science fiction.