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Video: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special trailer

There’s been a shorter version of this floating around the past couple days, but here’s the most complete look yet at ‘The Day of the Doctor,’ featuring Matt Smith, David Tennant, Billie Piper, Jenna-Louise Coleman and John Hurtdoctor-who-50th

And here’s a BBC America teaser with some different footage:

The 50th will also be shown in some theaters, and simulcast across the world – check out the Doctor Who Tumblr for more info.

Yum nub: Club Jade loves Ewoks!


Well, this new: It appears that some in fandom have decided that today is Ewok Appreciation Day. Luckily, Club Jade already has a deep and abiding love for Ewoks, which we indulged in a few years back by sharing our favorite Ewok recipes. Yub Nub!

If you prefer not to indulge, here’s an oldie but good: Crackerjack Juntion’s acapella Ewok Celebration Song: