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Norra, Sloane posters for Aftermath: Empire’s End

As revealed on this week’s Star Wars Show, the Barnes & Noble edition of Aftermath: Empire’s End will come with posters featuring Norra Wexley and Grand Admiral Rae Sloane. Also, more Rogue One behind-the-scenes action with Pablo Hidalgo, and Ando chats with the film’s co-producer, John Swartz.

Rebels Recon: Ghosts of Geonosis

Rebels returns with ‘Ghosts of Geonosis,’ Saw Gerrera and a brand-new Imperial officer. Andi talks to Freddie Prinze Jr., Taylor Gray, Pablo Hidalgo, Henry Gilroy, and Dave Filoni. Also, behind the scenes footage of Chopper on the Rogue One set!

Carrie Fisher’s urn is a giant Prozac pill, because of course it is

Carrie Fisher’s ashes were laid to rest in a giant Prozac pill. (You can see the pictures at Buzzfeed.) Her brother Todd explains to Entertainment Tonight:

“Carrie’s favorite possession was a giant Prozac pill that she bought many years ago. A big pill,” Todd explained. “She loved it, and it was in her house, and Billie and I felt it was where she’d want to be.”

He also said the private service for family and friends on Thursday – attended by Meryl Streep, George Lucas and others – was “fitting” and ” beautiful.”

Yesterday also saw Fisher’s Star Wars son, Adam Driver, share his thoughts on the actress with Stephen Colbert. Here’s the clip:

Wear Star Wars Every Day: Week 51 & Final Drive!

We’re currently on the final week of the #WearStarWarsEveryDay fundraising campaign for Collateral Repair Project and we had a fantastic week 51: over $1,000 raised in just the week from December 16th to 23rd, from sixteen donors! I put out a call to bump our total over $5,000 and you responded – by the end of week 51, we’ve raised over a total of $5,064 including the GoFundMe and offline donations. And we’re keeping the momentum going, hoping to push the Wear Star Wars Every Day GoFundMe alone over $5,000 – and as of 12/27, we only need $300 more to do it, so make your contribution today, before the year ends! Did I mention cool random prizes as a thank you? Yes, yes I did.

In probably our biggest week of fundraising yet, I’d like to thank a whole bunch of folks for donating to Collateral Repair Project, and I want to start with Mediocre Jedi, who issued a Twitter challenge. For each retweet he got about his challenge for helping Wear Star Wars Every Day within 12 hours, he would donate a dollar, and that added up to $162 raised! Also big thanks to all these other donors: Ian, Anonymous, Stuart, Nancy, Maia, a different Anonymous, Charity, a different Ian, Miguel, another different Anonymous, Linda, Leah, Annalee, MC, and Brendan. Wow! That’s a lot of thoughtful and generous people. Plus I’m grateful for Dunc and Lillian donating some wear for this week, and Annalee and Stuart lending some cool threads.

We went from celebrating the release of Rogue One to some outerwear to mark the start of winter this week, with shirts, a custom-made cover, a fleece and a Poe Dameron pilot costume jacket (courtesy of Baby Jawa). Every day I wear a new and different Star Wars apparel item, my daily pledge makers will chip in $4.65 to Collateral Repair Project! This review for Week 51 covers December 16 to December 23 of my wearathon, and an update on fundraising for and the latest happenings at Collateral Repair Project, a non-profit organization that provides emergency assistance, education, and community support to urban refugees.

Get more info on what Wear Star Wars Every Day is all about, or make a donation via GoFundMe.

Plus, there’s soon going to be a way to help support Collateral Repair Project beyond 2016 – Soon, I’ll be putting up donated apparel on eBay with proceeds going directly to CRP. So this might be your chance to get your hands on some of the really rare threads I’ve worn that were donated to the project, including this week’s STARZ The Force Awakens fleece. Stay tuned!