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In the news: George goes to Washington, Red Tails, AT-AT urban legends, ILM

Yesterday, George Lucas spoke up for educational broadband at a Congressional hearing in his guise as chairman of the George Lucas Educational Foundation:

“Telecommunications provides the new learning platform of this century and is replacing the textbook as the medium through which a modern education is provided,” he said. “The world’s knowledge is now available online, far beyond what books and materials can provide in schools and libraries themselves.”

Is this the best you can do, Trekkies?

IMAGE: The Star Trek Prius

A Prius painted to look like an Enterprise shuttle? Really?

Okay, okay. I know. We’re not that kind of fanblog. Gotta give props to any geek with the guts to proudly display their fannish cred on their car. And we can be sure of one thing: the Prius gets way better gas mileage than any of Road Squadron, so Willie Yee can laugh into his communicator all the way to the bank. (via)