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It’s always Star Wars time with a spaceship clock

Star Wars spaceship clock by YOUgNeek @ etsy

I really like this Star Wars clock – it’s ultra geeky but also totally low-key – if this was an official product it would be black and the logo would be 500% bigger and I would wince every time I looked at it. Alas, it’s been blogged all over so YOUgNeek is probably swamped with orders. (And the logo is even optional! Swoon.) Be sure to check out the rest of her store, there’s some pretty neat stuff in there.

Fan art: HERD (rat-ATAT-touille) by Adriean Koleric

HERD by Adriean Koleric

Designer Adriean Koleric is repainting and modifying vintage AT-ATs for his upcoming show HERD : rat-ATAT-touille. In his own words:

The idea behind the HERD series is to put focus on items of Western Pop culture that has and still influences me in the Design field as well as the new Artistic direction for ITEM. I wanted to show that these type of items, though mass produced and marketed, were infact what I considered art growing up as opposed to disposal product.

There’s plenty of other Star Wars-themed work at his blog, ITEM. Poke around! (via)

Halloween flashback: Into the LFL archives

StarWars.com has an extensive slideshow of costume product images scanned in – hilariously – from old-school photo albums. Never had any of these myself, but remember the style well enough to can almost smell the plastic from those horrible masks… shudder.

For costumes that will actually wow folks in the here and now, check out this homemade AT-ST suit. There’s plenty of time to make your own for next year!

A TIE Fighter with Starbucks DNA

Dan Winters's Starbucks TIENo, this has nothing to do with Battlestar Galactica, it’s a TIE Fighter made by Wired’s Dan Winters out of nonperishable stuff easily found at a local Starbucks coffee shop:

He used nearly 50 ‘Bucks cups and a crazy number of stirrers to build this, the coolest TIE Fighter ever. “The ribbing on the drink holders reminded me of solar panels,” Winters says. “That instantly registered ‘TIE fighter’ in my head.”

(See a bigger picture at the link.) Wired is running a contest, and I bet there’s a lot more Star Wars stuff to be made from cups and stirrers. Get to it! (via)

The fandom minute: Please don’t bring me the head of Jar-Jar Binks (and other freakiness)