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In the news: Live-action something, maybe; George; Amira Sa’id; Happy Meals; Mark Hamill

Rumorville: Perth Now is reporting that the music for a Star Wars TV series filmed in Sydney that “could have 400 half-hour episodes” (umm…) will be recorded in Perth by Malcolm Luker. Okay then! Of course, George Lucas (or a good impersonator) was spotted down under last week. I guess we’ll get the full story (or not) in November.

Movie News: Indy, Hobbit, Bond, Pirates

TEASER: Indy’s hatIndianaJones.com posts another behind-the-scenes video, this time focusing on the original iconic Hat. TheRaider.net also has a scan of a new photo featuring Shia LaBeouf and Cate Blanchett.

Indiana Jones headlining new Vanity Fair

IMAGE: Indy 4 in Vanity Fair

Like a select few event movies before it, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is getting a sizable spread in Vanity Fair, with the requite Annie Leibovitz photo shoot. There’s also an online-only George Lucas Q&A where he talks quite a bit about Star Wars, including the differences between the two trilogies:

People who are over 40 love [Episodes] IV, V, and VI and hate I, II, and III. Younger people like I, II, and III and don’t like IV, V, and VI, or they like I, II, and III better and think IV, V, and VI are kind of boring and slow. And of course the older people say, “Oh, I, II, and III—it’s too jittery, too fast, too complicated, it’s too digital,” or whatever they want to say. But definitely one generation has grabbed hold of one of them, and the other generation has grabbed hold of the next one.

The magazine ought to be on newsstands now. (via)

ETA: i09 has a rebuttal to George’s comments on why we’ll hate Indy 4. Awww. It’s so cute when they’re young and innocent enough to believe in the great and generous nature of fandom-at-large when confronted with new things.