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It must be Wednesday: A shocking and original new internet rumor about a Star Wars sequel trilogy (and 3-D)

So there’s a blog out there claiming that George is looking into making a sequel trilogy in 3-D because Cameron’s Avatar might make him – gasp – jealous. Sci Fi Wire has called bullshit, and I agree.

I mean, really: Avatar? Blogger, please.

You realize you’re all just encouraging him

io9 discovers Supershadow, the internet’s most laughable Star Wars site. (Unless you happen to be certain type of Wookieepedian, in which case he is the fannish equivalent of Osama bin Laden. They get so adorably worked up over the little nutter.)

If the antics of Mickey and friends are a little too out there for you, io9 has also charted the prevalence of the Hero’s Journey in science fiction.

Sockpuppets, ‘ship wars and wank: The infamous Msscribe saga

Everyone actively involved in a fandom – any fandom – should read the story of Msscribe, a woman who allegedly went to extraordinary lengths to get in with a certain group of well-known Harry Potter fans and be popular in the fandom.

There are ten chapters in total at the Bad Penny community, mounting evidence, a Fandom Wank report and a whole lot of dropped jaws.

TFNish Thread of the Week

tfnwank.jpgThere’s a lovely TheForce.Net flamefest regarding clones and numbers in the EU that ended up on Fandom Wank this weekend… Where it is unmercifully mocked. And you all know how much I love the mocking: I can’t help but share.

Warning: Not for the sensitive, faint-hearted, or anyone offended by mention of Jedi having sex. Fandom Wankers are notoriously distracted by the possibility of Ewan getting it on.

And you thought SW fans were crazy…

Quite possibly the freakiest fandom story ever has made it into mainstream media with Hobbits gone wrong, a cover story into Portland’s Willamette Week. It’s an odd story of LOTR ‘charity’ fansites, Sean Astin, a missing person, and a whole lot of waylaid cash.

The article provides a good overview – an more details can be found at fwgreatesthits, an ofshoot of the fandom point-and-laugh community fandom wank.