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Luke’s lightsaber goes for $240,000 at auction

Someone either made a very good or a very bad investment today… The A New Hope lightsaber in the Profiles in History action sold for $240,000, while Threepio’s helmet went for half that. That’s not quite as much as the last high-priced Star Wars item, but it does beat another (or the same?) ANH saber, which went for $170,000 in 2005. (via)

In the news: Samuel L. Jackson, bailouts, copyright, hotels and a criminal Chewbacca

People: Samuel L. Jackson received the American Cinematheque award earlier this week, along praise from George Lucas, Denzel Washington and Justin Timberlake .

Even Artoo and Threepio showed up!

  • Har har har: The Los Angeles Times has a bailout plan for Star Wars. My only question is, does George have a private jet?

  • Books: Looking for some light reading? Lawrence Lessig’s Remix: Making Art and Culture Thrive in the Hybrid Economy touches at least a little on Star Wars copyright issues, according to The Mercury News review. In any case, it looks like a must-read for anyone with copyright concerns.
  • Crime: Chewbacca Calvin Johnson of Georgia is racking up quite a criminal record. (Thanks, Paula.)
  • Travel: Wired takes a look at geek hotels, starting with the Sidi Driss and continuing with some places a little closer to home.