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Roundup: Bob Iger on Episode VII release date, Star Wars in the Disney parks

Bob Iger (Bloomberg TV)Video. Bob Iger talks to Bloomberg TV about choosing Episode VII’s release date and confirms (again) that Disney is developing Star Wars attractions for their parks.

Meanwhile, J.J. Abrams and Neil Gaiman were on BBC Newsnight with author Doug Dorst to talk about their book S, and, eventually, Star Wars and casting. (13:00 mark.)

Cartoon. Disney XD has a site up for Rebels. (via)

Wow. Yeah, The Wrap really did go ask Disney about the Twentieth Century Fox fanfare and Episode VII. Hard hitting.

Countdown. How many days until Episode VII? (via)

Rumors: Millennium Falcon to land at Disneyland?

Hyperspace falcon MiceChat is back with some new rumors for the still unannounced but very likely Star Wars renovations at Disneyland, which they’ve previously reported will be taking over Tomorrowland there.

Their report today includes a landing pad the Millennium Falcon “an elaborate walk-through attraction and meet ‘n greet location for your favorite Wookie co-pilot,” a Cantina, and… a “new Speeder Bike thrill ride” with an Ewok-centric area surrounding it. You Disney aficionados head to the link for the specifics of what these’ll be replacing and repurposing.

Plenty of Star Wars hints from Pablo at D23

d23-vaderThere may not have been big Star Wars movie news at the D23 Expo, but Pablo Hidalgo did drop some interesting hints regarding some other upcoming projects.

As Slashfilm points out, Pablo hinted that the Jedi legacy “casts a long shadow” and “you will feel that presence” on Rebels, and that (as the rumors claim) the Orange Harvest bounty may make it to Disneyland first.

He also said that there’s more Clone Wars bonus footage than we think, and “they’re close to pushing it out,” and “thinking out of the box” about distribution. We may not have seen the last of Detours, either. And for those who are particularly old school:

Disney teases Star Wars attraction(s) at D23

Well, what do we have here? It’s a series of ‘Orange Harvest’ (nuk nuk) crates labeled as containing (or previously containing) various items from the Star Wars galaxy. And… There are blueprints. Will we be getting some kind of theme park announcement after all, or is this it? Patience!

More pictures at Inside the Magic.

Get a closer look at the blueprints under the cut.

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Report: A new Star Wars 3D movie taking over Disneyland’s Captain EO theater?

Captain Eo
Randomly: George Lucas was the Executive Producer and co-wrote Captain Eo. Francis Ford Coppola directed.

Micechat is at it again, with some more inside (and unconfirmed) information on the details of the Anaheim Tomorrowland’s Star Wars makeover.

In addition to the PeopleMover makeover they mentioned last time, it’s twilight for the revival of Micheal Jackson’s Captain Eo as the theater is expected to be the home of “a new Star Wars 3D movie.” Brand-new, or the conversions of the old films? More turnover if they make a new short film – the original Eo was only 17 minutes long – but I wouldn’t be shocked if they show the actual films periodically as well. Work on existing buildings in the area would be done in time for Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary (July 17th, 2015) and could wrap up by “early spring” – in time for Celebration, perhaps?

They also mention that, unsurprisingly, Star Tours will get new destinations from the sequels.

The “biggest of the Star Wars offerings” won’t open until after the anniversary, and construction “would be in conjunction to a similar Star Wars expansion for Disney’s Hollywood Studios” in Orlando.

None of this will be announced this weekend at D23, they say – and we’ve been told not be expect anything more than very small ‘hints’ on upcoming Star Wars theme park attractions. But it seems that there’s plenty more in the works.

Disney (finally!) confirms they’re working on new Star Wars theme park attractions

Vader at Disneyland. Or Disney World? I can't tell. It’s not much, and it’s not particularly surprising, but the Disney Insider has confirmed that new Star Wars attractions are in the works. There will be “teasers for new attractions based on Avatar and Star Wars that we’re working on now for the Disney Parks” revealed at August’s D23 Expo. (via)

The most recent rumors on their plans are vast and varied – hopefully the hints are illuminating!

Report: Star Wars to take over Disneyland’s Tomorrowland?

Vader at Disneyland.

Disney fan site MiceChat is reporting that Disneyland’s Tomorrowland area – home of California’s Star Tours – might be going the full Star Wars.

The site details a Board of Directors meeting held at the park, mentioning a “Star Wars themed makeover” for Tomorrowland, while renovations at Florida’s Hollywood Studios would be “more modest” but include “some of the same Star Wars concepts” as the California Tomorrowland.

EDIT: The Disney and More blog reports that Star Tours at both Anaheim and Orlando will receive updates in 2015 for the release of Episode VII. Furious Fanboys talks a little more about how they can integrate new content for the attraction, and hints at an Alderaan destination.

An earlier rumor claims that the renovations in Florida will be huge, perhaps the biggest in theme park history. Was the Florida report oversold, or will the changes in California be even bigger?

For details, MiceChat mentions a “speeder bike coaster concept” in place of a planned Tron redo on the old PeopleMover attraction.

However, they do stress that it doesn’t look like any of this will be ready to be annouced at D23 Expo in August, so any confirmation of the various rumors may be a long time coming.

Disney taking Star Wars to D23

d23-vaderStar Wars will make its debut at Disney’s own D23 Expo in Anaheim this August 9-11. Lucasfilm will be presenting ‘The Evolution of a Villain,’ an exhibit on the Darth Vader and Pablo Hidalgo will give fans a ‘Crash Course in the Force: Star Wars Saga 101.’

If we don’t get any announcements regarding rumored expansions in Disney parks at Celebration Europe, we may see them here… But, as usual, don’t hold your breath.

Report: Disney World’s Star Wars area will be huge

The Orlando Business Journal’s Richard Bilbao has a source who told him the the Star Wars expansions being planned will “dwarf any other Disney-related expansion in its recent history.” The investment may be “north of $200 million.” And it may all open up at once, instead of in drips and drabs, and even extend beyond Hollywood Studios.

No, it’s still not confirmed that Disney will be expanding their Star Wars offerings, but: Duh.

If this is the case, it seems pretty likely that what we’ve heard so far may only be the first of many Star Tours-adjacent expansions and additions.

Rumor: Possible Disney Star Wars land details

Vader at Disneyland. Or Disney World? I can't tell. Following up last week’s initial report that an expanded Star Wars area at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios is in the works, Comic Book Movie is claiming to have some details… And they’re a bit underwhelming, though certainly happy news to those of you with kids. CBM’s source says that they’ll be moving the Jedi Training Academy indoors and adding a ride for younger children.

No restaurant, no museum, no older-skewing ride aside from the existing Star Tours… At least not yet. Maybe these are simply the only plans that have been approved so far? It’s early yet, and this is only a rumor, so I wouldn’t put much stock in it just yet. Hopefully we will see more of a spread if/when any of this is ever announced officially.