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Video Monday: Still in the April Fools spirit

It’s raining 300 men. Really, why didn’t this get posted yesterday? I have no explanation.

Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream. In Italian, a sure sign of quality.

What you gonna do with all that ass?

Video Monday

Rose Bowl Highlights from Starwars.com, with a lot of footage you won’t see elsewhere, including Mary’s serenade. Also from Pasadena, The Troopers on the Bus and Disco Steve, (not Sansweet) who appears to be… I don’t know.

All the stuff I didn’t link last week

Lucas/Colbert – it’s crumbelievable!

Thanks to Starwars.com, we now know that the video of George’s full appearance on The Colbert Report last night is up. Woo!

Okay, no – it’s just the same entry video. I think I hate Comedy Central’s site. Anyway, Starwars.com has pictures and stuff. Colbert Nation (the show’s ‘fan’ site, wink wink) has more pictures and a recap and it doesn’t force Firefox to go all seppuku on me.

George Lucas on The Colbert Report!

George showed up – SURPRISE – as one of the two finalists in Colbert’s Greenscreen Challenge. (See an entry montage) Colbert introduced the first clip, with the creator, Bonnie (not that Bonnie) on the phone, and then announced that the creator of the second clip, one ‘George L.’ was with them in the studio.

The clip was footage from the the opening ROTS battle, with Stephen, battle droids, and a very special guest. You can watch it on Comedy Central’s site or starwars.com.

Alas – George lost, puppydog eyes and all. He hung out for the rest of the show, both of them holding in the laughs only slightly better than Horatio Sanz on SNL, and ended with a heroic lightsaber duel. Who won? George. I believe that’s the first time Colbert let a guest win anything.

I’ll keep an eye on Youtube for more clips, but right now there’s not much there. Pirates, where are you when I need you? Slacking. How typical.

Video Monday

Best entry I’ve seen yet in the Stephen Colbert Greenscreen Challenge. (Warning: Contains George W. Bush.)

J. Hasbien Talent Agency. Finding work for ‘semi-retired’ sci-fi characters.

Wookiee Nights, a Star Wars/Boogie Nights trailer mashup. Yes, really.

More Wookiee!
Chewbacca’s Lifetime Achievement Award
Wookiee Translations
South Park: Chewbacca Defense

Video Monday

Triumph of the Empire, an Imperial propaganda film entirely in LEGO. Inspired, obviously, by Triumph of the Will (which should be no stranger to well-studied fans,) when I first watched this I thought it was from the latest LEGO game, but apparently not. Amazing.

Speaking of LEGO… The Han Solo Affair. This one is done for LFL/LEGO – the company has also done Monty Python and Spiderman films.

Three in the Afternoon is a fanfilm about dorks with lightsabers. That doesn’t suck. (Trust me: Most of them do.)

There are a couple of Star Wars references in Weird Al’s latest video, ‘White and Nerdy.’ Are you shocked? I’m shocked.

The Mother of All Movie Trailers. Edward Norton!
Dancing Jango
Stephen Colbert and Buffy team up. Why? BEARS!
Henchmen Strike Back! Why aren’t you watching The Venture Brothers?

Random Secret Cracktastic Bonus Video: Stephen Colbert’s ‘Charlene (I’m right behind you)’