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TFN talks to Timothy Zahn

TheForce.net has a brand-new interview with Tim Zahn, their first since 2000. He talks about Allegiance, Outbound Flight, his creative process, and of course, the ever-popular character deaths question.

The big news here may be that he’s writing a Terminator novel, From the Ashes, a prequel to next year’s Terminator Salvation movie.

TFN thread of the indeterminate time period: Fan fiction and the profic fan

There’s been an interesting fanfic discussion thread over on TFN’s Literature boards, and for a conversation I thought would drop like a stone it’s actually turned out fairly interesting. (Silly title and all.)

Things are starting to get a little heated towards the end, but such is the risk one takes with TFN.

More from Steve on the Force-Cast: Complete Encyclopedia, The Clone Wars, and a future project

I try to only listen to about one podcast a year – life, or rather, the amount of it I allot to blogging, is far too short – but I couldn’t avoid the latest Force-Cast since it’s basically an extended interview with Lucasfilm’s Head of Fan Relations, Steve Sansweet. (Yes, it was worth it, though the intro… I need to paraphrase Lorelei Gilmore: Shorten it, decute it.) Anyway, here’s what I learned:

  • A bit about about Celebration Japan – and C5. (Listen for yourself, or see previous entry.)

  • The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia is a project of not just Steve and Pablo, but an entire team – containing such luminaries as Dan Wallace, Bob Vitas, Mary Franklin and… Chris Cassidy!
  • The Encyclopedia will contain “close to a million words” and their intention is not to create new canon (at least not on purpose) but to “take advantage of what’s out there.”
  • Steve has another collecting book in the pipeline… Not a price guide, there’s one of those coming from Gus Lopez and Duncan Jenkins.
  • There’s no Grievous in The Clone Wars movie – his presence in the trailer is due to tv show footage.
  • Host Jimmy Mac sings Steve a song. It’s mildly amusing.

The podcast on the whole is a manageable 23 minutes, so I would recommend you listen to it yourself – at least if you want to hear more about Celebration Japan or the Encyclopedia.

In the news: George, TCW, TFU, Philip Wise

Turn around, bright eyes: What does Tatooine Ghost really tell us about Invincible?

Warning: Nearly every link in this post contains gigantic Invincible spoilers.

Last night at #eu‘s Invincible chat, a few people recalled passages from Denning’s Tatooine Ghost that seem to be deliberately referenced in Tempest and Invincible – and they lead to a very intriguing theory about what the events of Legacy of the Force actually prevented.

Crazy fan theory? Or layered foreshadowing of the first order? No matter what, there’s a hell of a fanfic plot bunny in there if anyone wants it.

Expanded Universe newsbits: Comics, NRW, TFU

IMAGE: Legacy #23

  • Comics: Two more previews at DarkHorse.com: Legacy #23 and a Clone Wars photo comic. (That’s Tartakovsky Clone Wars – but can they call it a photo comic if there are no photos?)

  • Gaming: Catch up with the latest The Force Unleashed and SoulCalibur IV news over at GameTrailers.com.
  • Fandom: The TFN boards are wrapping up National RetCon Week.

Spike to air new Clone Wars trailer

The Force-Cast got the word from Spike’s Terry Minogue. Apparently he also hints that Spike might also be the first to air The Clone Wars movie, but does that seem a little silly to anyone else? I would think those rights would be somehow tied to the Cartoon Network deal, seeing as they’re airing the actual series. Those of you with enough patience to listen to podcasts can see if they say anything more.