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EUbits: The Gambit marches on

Gambit: Siege. The official site has brewed up the summary for Karen Miller’s final Clone Wars novel. Beware of spoilers: The book is a direct sequel to next month’s Gambit: Stealth.

And in other previews… Teasing the next installment of John Jackson Miller’s Lost Tribe of the Sith, coming February 10th.

Gaming, sort of. Artist Terese Nielsen talks to StarWars.com about her character portraits for WOTC’s latest miniature line.

Interview. Jason Fry talks Atlas with Gelf Magazine.

Namesake corner. Neat Mara Jade drawing.

StarWars.com features artist Terese Nielsen

We’ve featured some of Terese Nielsen’s box art for the Star Wars minis set, but the official site now has an interview and some new pieces (The Clone Wars, natch.)

There are newish Darth Malak and Young Obi-Wan paintings on her blog, as well as a gold leaf demonstration using her Padme CIV print. And check out even more of her Star Wars work at DeviantArt.

Expanded Universe art from Terese Nielsen

IMAGE: Luke miniature packaging by Terese NielsenTerese Nielsen talks about creating box art for the Legacy of the Force miniature line, and gives us a nice look at Rebellion-inspired Luke Skywalker in battle armor piece. (Looks like the art director got mixed-up with all this redundant naming – that’s not Legacy. This is Legacy.)

This is currently the only Star Wars post on her blog, but you can get a closer look at the finished artwork and some of Nielsen’s other Star Wars work at her DeviantArt.