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Indiana Jones news: Spielberg and Ford at the 30th anniversary of Raiders

While at the 30th anniversary screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Steven Spielberg talked a bit about the early development of Indiana Jones by him and his friend George Lucas, their friendship, about the restoration of Raiders of the Lost Ark (for eventual Blu-ray release), and being hopeful for Indy V.

When Harrison Ford came out, he said he’s up for a fifth time as Indiana Jones, and thinks the key is expanding the audience’s understanding of the character. Also, Harrison Ford in Jurassic Park? Spielberg offered the role of Alan Grant to him.

Rounding out their coverage, the LA Times also did a retrospective on the Raiders of the Lost Ark toys from the 1980s.

EDIT: While Spielberg commented that the newly cleaned up version of Raiders of the Lost Ark that they were screening was going to be eventually used for the Blu-ray and he noted that that Blu-ray release would not have any changes from the 1981 theatrical release, Spielberg later commented that he regrets making changes to E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial for its 20th Anniversary DVD, saying, “I realized what I had done was I had robbed people who loved E.T. of their memories of E.T.”

He went on to say that the E.T. Blu-ray would be the original 1982 theatrical version, and not contain the unpopular 2002 revisions, such as digitally replacing police guns with walkie-talkies.

Lucas, Ford back on the Forbes Celebrity 100

George Lucas is on the Forbes Celebrity 100 again, this year clocking in at #24 – a hefty jump up from his 2008 spot of #46. The list’s only other Star Wars figure is, naturally, Harrison Ford, at #17.

Other geeks and geek icons making the rank include Steven Spielberg (#7,) Will Smith (#11,) Stephenie Meyer (#26,) Stephen King (#68,) Daniel Radcliffe (#70) and Tina Fey (#86.)

In less listy news, George will be honored by The Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago next weekend.

George Lucas back on Forbes’ Celebrity 100

George at CannesIt’s time for Forbes to break out this year’s Celebrity 100 list… And this year, George Lucas comes in at #46. He wasn’t on 2007’s list, but he was #15 in 2006 and #4 in 2005.

Other ranking geek idols include J.K. Rowling (#9,) Steven Spielberg (#13,) Stephen King (#34,) Keira Knightley (#47,) Daniel Radcliffe (#64,) Cate Blanchett (#77) and Tina Fey (#99.)

Indiana Jones in the new Entertainment Weekly

IMAGE: Indy in Entertainment WeeklyEntertainment Weekly is coming out with its Summer Movie Preview this week, and it’s not too big of a surprise that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull made the cover. And they also sat down with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg to talk about Indy, Cate Blanchett’s overwhelming awesomeness, filmmaking, and all the other stuff you expect them to address, like Will Ferrell and Steve Carrell.

And thankfully, after an interview or two full of doom and gloom, George has found his sense of humor again. Phew.

Indy IV rated most anticipated movie and more…

A little round-up from the land of the bullwhip and fedora:

  • Movietickets.com reports that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is the most anticipated film to come out in the next twelve months. It tops the list for both men and women. Read more on cnn.com
  • StarWars.com continues their tour of the Young Indiana Jones Volume 1 DVD set: Disc 5 contains 7 documentaries connecting to the episode, Perils of Cupid about Puccini, Freud and the Balkan Powder Keg. Disc 6 contains the episode, Travels with Father, where young Indy meets up with Leo Tolstoy in Russia and Nikos Kazantzakis in Greece, with extras on Russian writers and Greek philosophy. Also, an interview with Lloyd Owen, who portrayed Henry Jones, Sr. (before he grew into Sean Connery)
  • Someone’s got an Indiana Jones-inspired home theater system? Instead of an ark, the TV’s in the Well of Souls! Cables? I hate cables!
  • MTV.com interviews Cate Blanchett on her upcoming movies, including Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which apparently is just a big bar of chocolate. But is it dark chocolate?
  • Slashfilm.com get a chance to talk to Steven Spielberg on the Indy IV set.

Star Wars: It gets around

Silly Brits picked the Lord of the Rings trilogy over classic Star Wars in an Amazon.co.uk poll. Hometown advantage? The prequel trilogy rang in at #6 on the best list (beating Spider-Man) and #5 on the worst.

Get in the car, ET! Google Maps Street View caught you on film! Or at least get rid of the lightsaber, dude. Your friends should get on that GPS thing by now.


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