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Celebration not-news out of Fan Days

Unless you’ve been living in a hole or don’t read TFN (or Twitter,) this weekend brings Official Pix’s Fan Days III to Texas, and our latest update on the state of Celebration 5. To sum it up: They say Steve Sansweet said that a partner contract hasn’t been signed, but should be in the next six to eight weeks. Extend your betting pools into December!

Out this week(ish:) Legacy, 1000 Collectibles

A single, solitary comic this Wednesday: Legacy #40, the conclusion of the ‘Tatooine’ storyline. I find myself hoping that Morrigan shots Cade (not a spoiler: look at the cover;) if only to put us him out of his fail spiral.

As for books, both Amazon and B&N are showing a release date of October 1st for Steve Sansweet’s 1,000 Collectibles: Memorabilia and Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away. A Thursday? Does that just mean there is no official release date? In any case, go ahead and start looking but don’t count on anything.

Live action series coming in 2012?

That’s what Examiner.com’s Bryan Young is reporting from Steve Sansweet’s DragonCon panel. Sansweet also hinted that we may get some serious news soon!

Of course, the skeptic in me can’t fail to remind folks that this is far from the first time we’ve been given a ‘possible’ date. But Sansweet actually talking about it at a con seems like a good step.

Forcecast talks with Steve Sansweet in Chicago

TFN’s Forcecast (which now has a brand-new website of their very own) caught up with Steve Sansweet at Chicago Comic Con. He talks about Celebration V and the issues as to why we don’t have a definitive announcement yet. Key statements: He hopes to announce it before the end of the summer, and “It could very well be later in the summer” than the previous events.

They also address the whole ‘second animated series’ thing. “You don’t build two animation studios and just do one series. You have other things in mind,” and “not nessarily Star Wars,” Steve said.

Steve brings Star Wars to Chicago next weekend

Steve Sansweet will be giving a presentation next Saturday (August 8) at Chicago Comic-Con, aka the convention formerly known as Wizard World Chicago.

Should the speculation prove true, he may be announcing something noteworthy… But let’s not get our hopes too high this time. In any case, it looks like there will be plenty of Star Wars folks in attendance.

(Photo from last year’s Wizard World Chicago by Edlitmus.)

Steve Sansweet talks Lucasfilm, fandom

There’s a great interview with Steve Sansweet over at Digital City, focused on fandom and Lucasfilm’s relationship with us. I particularly like this bit about us internet savages:

…It is, and they have a sense of ownership that Lucasfilm is smart enough not to try and disrupt. And fans are critics, and people who post online are the ones who are the most upset about certain things, but we accept it all. Star Wars is what you want Star Wars to be for you. George’s Star Wars is something that he made for him, but if you don’t like a certain thing in his Star Wars, what are you gonna do? Everyone can take their own piece of Star Wars that they enjoy. It’s what fans make of it.


Star Wars on Blu-Ray? Sure! Eventually..

Bryan Young got talk to Steve Sansweet at Comic-Con, and naturally he asked what was up with getting the movies on Blu-Ray. Steve’s answer? Well, it’s a feature that’s likely to get folded in with that box set we’ve been hearing about for years, and we’ll see it when the live-action series is nigh: aka “the next several years.” Ahh, vagueness, our old friend!

Start planning for San Diego Comic Con!

Because we have a Star Wars schedule. The Clone Wars, The Old Republic and the Fate of the Jedi (with all three authors!) panels are all on Friday. And so is the Star Wars Spectacular, which basically means that all the ‘breaking news’ from it will already be public by the time it’s shown on G4. Nice, by which I mean something unprintable.