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Gift guide: Everyone loves clothing for Sithmas!

Santa Maul's Holiday Gift GuideSanta Maul refuses to call Star Wars sports attire “the greatest Christmas present in the universe,” but he is willing to surrender some mean praise for this collection of hooligan-wear. He does not doubt that this gift may please any booze-soaked Fett-loving frat boys that one may be required to socialize with.

Santa Maul himself is eagerly awaiting a licensed collection of Sith tuxedos.

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Star Wars in the News

Someone has a sense of humor… Of all the animals to name after Yoda, a giraffe? He is, however, an “unusually gentle and calm giraffe,” according to the director of his former zoo.

James Earl Jones is fifth on the list of Forbes‘ most trusted celebrities.

Is the Force becoming reality? Or do science writers just really, really want you to read their story?

Golfer Luke Donald gets Star Wars nickname.