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Spike to air new Clone Wars trailer

The Force-Cast got the word from Spike’s Terry Minogue. Apparently he also hints that Spike might also be the first to air The Clone Wars movie, but does that seem a little silly to anyone else? I would think those rights would be somehow tied to the Cartoon Network deal, seeing as they’re airing the actual series. Those of you with enough patience to listen to podcasts can see if they say anything more.

The saga begins on Spike April 4th

Spike TV has been advertising Star Wars for a few weeks now, and now we have some definite times for the movie showings… The Phantom Menace will start Friday, April 4 at 8pm, with Attack of the Clones following on Saturday at the same time, and Revenge of the Sith Sunday. A New Hope starts Friday, April 11, with Empire Strikes Back on Saturday and Return of the Jedi on Sunday. All six will be shown in HD where available.

They paid a record fee ($65-70 million) for the rights to run the whole saga back in 2005.

UPDATE: Spike’s advertising, including billboards, on StarWars.com.