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The fandom minute: Han’s secret shame, Simon Pegg’s fanfic, Artoo in D.C.

So if Lowie is Chewie's nephew... No, that can't be right.Holiday Special week fallout: Han Solo’s little-known furry roots glommed on by internets, many bad jokes (and debate?!?) ensue.

Better a Wookiee than a Selonian, I guess. (We’ll leave them to Corran.)

So what about the live-action show?

With all The Clone Wars hype lately, it’s easy to forget that it’s only the tip of the Star Wars TV iceberg – but Australia’s The Herald Sun talks to George about the upcoming live-action series. It’ll probably be filmed in Sydney (not much of a surprise) and they’re in the process of writing scripts now. Most intereting, a tidbit of new insight:

“… It is about the lower levels of life, the lower depths.

“They hear about the fact it is no longer a republic and now it’s an empire, but they are from a world where none of that really means too much to them.”

Also: Simon Pegg wants in?