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SDCC video: Star Wars merchandise

Before we put the Comic Con files in the archives, I’ve got a few more videos to show from San Diego this past weekend. First up is a tour of some of the different licensees in the Lucasfilm area. We’ve already gotten a tour of the Her Universe booth with Ashley Eckstein, but now let’s take a look at:

  • Chairs and beanbags from Red5inc
  • Star Wars novels and guidebooks from Del Rey
  • Anovos Productions‘ costumes and props (Wait! those aren’t Star Wars!)
  • Purses, belts and other accessories from Rock Rebel
  • Museum Replicas’ line of customizable Jedi outfits, Star Wars logo lamps and lightsaber umbrellas

Free Princess Leia! Last week’s best #StarWars, #SWEU and #SDCC tweets

Well, #SDCC tweets regarding Star Wars, anyway. This one is VERY photo-heavy, contains some comments on the announcements. But mostly SDCC. Onward!

Still not over SDCC? Check out Jennifer Landa’s costume picks and a history of Star Wars and Comic-Con from Steve Sansweet.

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SDCC roundup: Everything Star Wars

Comic-Con is over, and it’s time for a nap. (Damn you, Monday!) James’ pictures from Sunday begin here. Meanwhile, for those of you not online all weekend, here’s what went down for Star Wars. Some of these have had rather substantial updates after they were first posted!

Expanded Universe. Our focus, the books and comics, got some pretty big bombs dropped. Namely, we heard about our latest post-Fate of the Jedi novel, Crucible by Troy Denning, at the Star Wars books and comics panel. (James taped it! Others live-tweeted!)

Earlier, we had news of Star Wars, a new comic scripted by Brian Wood. It’s provoked plenty of discussion, both for the usual continuity issues and putting Leia in an X-Wing.

We’re also getting Vader’s Little Princess, a Leia-centric followup to Darth Vader and Son, and a Dawn of the Jedi novel by Tim Lebbon. There will be more book announcements at Celebration VI.

James also did an interview with John Jackson Miller, which is up over at Big Shiny Robot.

The Clone Wars. Lots of season 5 tidbits dropped, and the premiere will debut at Celebration VI.

Merchandise. Still nothing from Sideshow on their long-promised Mara Jade figure, but we did learn that a Mara mini-fig we saw at Celebration V is going into production as a Celebration VI store exclusive. It was also announced that Kotobukiya is going to do a Bishoujo Mara Jade, and Hasbro’s Jedi Mara figure will be in Wave 2 of the Droid Factory line. ‘

In other, less Mara news, Master Replicas is launching a Jedi costume line. Check out all that new Her Universe stuff!

Also. Course of the Force; Random House Audio bringing their fanfic-reading contest to CVI.

SDCC: Clone Wars S5 premiere to be shown at CVI

The Clone Wars panel in San Diego was earlier, and naturally Dave Filoni and co. revealed a few hints about the new season. Moderator Pablo Hidalgo has the rundown, and there’s another nice writeup from Patrick Kevin Day at Hero Complex.

The least spoilery is certainly the news that the first episode of s5 will be show in Orlando at Celebration next month. I’ll let you head over to Tosche Station, who’ve collected Amy Ratcliffe’s live-tweets, but for now I’ll just say that it looks like Obi-Wan is going to have some time in the spotlight. Oh, and Maul might get some clothes. (That’s not spoilery, right?)

If you’re yearning for some actual action, both Entertainment Weekly and IGN have exclusive clips.

SDCC video: The Star Wars book and comic panel

James, that scoundrel, sent in four videos from the panel yesterday, as well as new photos (starting here.) At this panel, they announced two new books and talked about several new comics, including Brian Woods’ Star Wars. Part 1, above, is the introductions and Dark Horse announcements

Then, Del Rey…

Their announcements…

And the longest bit, the question and answer session:

SDCC: Post-Fate of the Jedi novel from Denning, Dawn of the Jedi novel from new author coming

We got not one but two Expanded Universe announcements from Del Rey in San Diego today, and Fangirl has the details. You might also want to check out Bryan Young’s writeup of the panel, or the live tweets from it.

UPDATE: You’ll also want to check out Pablo Hidalgo’s blog post on his panels today, which covers the full laundry list of releases they talked about (including the comics, which I have, uhh, kind of neglected. Whoops.)

The one I know you’re hanging on your seats for is the first novel to follow the Fate of the Jedi series. Crucible by Troy Denning (of course) is a hardcover standalone with the Big 3 – that is, Luke, Han, and Leia.

They’ve earned the right to rest on their laurels and let the younger generation shoulder the burden–but fate has another adventure in store for our heroes, a quest only they can tackle and hope to survive…

It’s due out in the spring and features a Cliff Nielsen cover.

The big surprise, though, is that Del Rey is going into Dark Horse territory with a Dawn of the Jedi novel, Into the Void. It’s a paperback by new-to-the-EU author Tim Lebbon and is also due in the spring.

The also revealed the cover and a brief blurb for the fourth Coruscant Nights book, The Last Jedi. It’s also (still) a paperback.

Earlier in the day, Pablo shared a few tidbits from the Quirky Point of View panel. Something that’s sure to thrill a lot of Jaders: Jeffrey Brown will be doing a companion book to Darth Vader and Son, Vader’s Little Princess. And Matthew Reinhart (Star Wars: A Galactic Pop-Up Adventure) is working on a prequel trilogy pop-up book.

Oh, and fear not:

We’ll be there!

SDCC: Ashley shows off new Her Universe gear, Random House’s fanfic contest and more

James sent in several videos from San Diego, including this tour of Her Universe’s new offerings from Ashley Eckstein, including our first look at the new Her Universe logo tee! And Ashley mentions that they have lanyards, which have been pretty thin on the ground at cons lately… I hope they bring them to Celebration!

James also talked to Katie Fleming about the Random House Audio Fan Fiction contest. He also confirmed for us that they will be bringing the fan fiction recording to Celebration VI.

Other videos: The ‘As You Wish’ Boba Fett helmet art project, artist Jeff Carlisle, and the Well of Souls. James also took a ton more pictures – they start here, if you’ve already seen Wednesday’s.