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Gate Geek – Them’s excitin’ times

All sorts of nifties while I was away on vacation.  (A lovely thing.  I highly recommend.)

The big news is the sneak peak trailer and cast photo for Stargate Universe.  Kinda BSG.  I’m intrigued.  i09 kinda is, too. Star Robert Carlyle is pretty psyched about it. 

In old-school news, Amanda Tapping stopped by Joe Mallozzi‘s blog to do a Q&A.  She’s just as nice in her Q&A’s as she is in person.

Gate Geek – All the single ladies….

(via) Finally…we find out about the ladies of Stargate Universe (and another guy, for good measure).  Universe started production last week, so it’s nice to get this clarified.  Michael Ausiello and the Hollywood Reporter got the exclusive announcement rights (even before the MGM website).

And the ladies are:

  • Ming-Na – Formerly of ER fame and now playing Camille Wray, “an HR bigwig and highest ranking survivor.”
  • Elyse Levesque – Best known to genre fans for her work on Smallville and playing, “Chloe Armstrong, the wild and immature daughter of a U.S. Senator.”
  • Alaina Huffman (who has another name on IMDB) – Another Smallville alum who will be playing MSgt. Tamara Johansen, a field medic assigned to treat the seriously wounded.  (Given Stargate’s history, this does not bode well for her ultimate survival, but we can only wish her the best.)

A bit of a surprise announcement (to me, at least) is Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba) who has joined the cast as Col. Telford, “a lifelong military man and the chosen leader of the ill-fated expedition.”  (Confused.  I thought that was Robert Carlyle‘s role?  Is Telford not long for the Universe?  Or am I perpetually confused?)

Either way, I’m liking how this cast is shaping up.  Here’s hoping they pull off a good show!

Gate Geek – New cast member gets really excited

Now, everyone giving Stargate Universe a hard time should stop and appreciate the enthusiasm coming into this project (well, if Brian J. Smith is any indication).  The brave man takes his first step into fandom by granting an interview with GateWorld.  He can’t be all bad, though.  He admits to being a “Trekkie.” <sic>

In related news, writer Joseph Mallozzi shares that Robert Carlyle will get to keep that lovely accent for the show.  (Ahh…Scottish accents on Stargate.)

Those still mourning Atlantis and worrying about the fate of her actors will be happy to know that David Hewlett appears to be making progress on his sci-fi comedy Starcrossed first featured in his movie A Dog’s Breakfast.  Keep your fingers crossed it makes it out of Development Hell.  We don’t need any more ghost shows on SciFi.

Gate Geek – More Stargate Hunks

Continuing on with the Stargate 90210 theme, the new additions to the Stargate Universe cast (joining Robert Carlyle) are certainly not totally lacking the looks department.  (I can totally get behind a little eye candy, if the stories are also good.)

  • Justin Louis – Will be Colonel Everett Young.  And he’s actually ::gasp:: married!  (In a Stargate show?!  No one gets married and lives.)
  • David Blue – Who I loved, loved, loved in Ugly Betty, will play Eli Wallace.  He’s a total slacker who is your basic genius.  (I wonder if the threat of citrus works on him?)
  • Jamil Walker Smith - Sr. Sgt. Ronald Greer, “a Marine with a temper you don’t want to mess with.”  The edgy, mysterious one.  TV Guide has a picture.
  • Brian J. Smith – Lt Matthew Scott; the inexperienced one who is thrust into leadership before his time.

Now, if MGM and SciFi would just learn that they’re annoying the established fans with this whole “edgier and younger in tone” crap, they might bring along more old fans to the new show.