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The ghosts of Star Wars Christmas past

StarWars.com takes another trip into the Lucasfilm Archives to check out what fans would be getting (or least, asking for) way back in 1978.

And while collectors today may have a hard time getting their hands on those late-70’s gems, they can at least console themselves with Gus and Duncan’s Comprehensive Guide to Star Wars Collectibles, which can be pre-ordered from Paizo now.

Today in The Clone Wars: Sad panda edition

Nab the widget for your own site. If only it was scalable…

Lucasfilm pushes the ‘girl power’ angle with Ashoka, though I’m not sure that headline is the inference they’re looking for. Speaking of our latest leading lady, there was a TCW segment with Ashley Eckstein on Entertainment Tonight the other day, but I’m not finding it on their site. Why you gotta be like that, ET? It’s 2008, and you are syndicated: Embrace the web already!

Less frustrating: TFN has some sample pages from the new Visual Guide, while MTV previews the movie/tv series’ upcoming game tie-ins.

Newbits: The Clone Wars, Insider, Soulcalibur

EU newsbits: Previews, Wordle, The Clone Wars

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia: Look at the size of that thing!

IMAGE: The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Wow. Are they going to do yearly updates, like the World Book? I’m actually expecting some sort of online (Hyperspace?) component/Databank revamp. Watch your back, Wookieepedia!

Whatever the case, Random House currently lists them as hardcover, with a release date as November 4, and the price at $75.

UPDATE: TFN has someone who got a few more details from Del Rey, namely that there will be ” full-color artwork.”